Join ScholarLed

ScholarLed is a consortium of open access book publishers providing ways for small-scale, scholar-led open access presses to grow and flourish. Together we establish collaborative modes of working and open infrastructures that support the work of publishers like ourselves.

ScholarLed presses are run by scholars and engaged in supporting and building communities of practice and care.

  1. ScholarLed member presses have published at least one book and commit to making all their publications open access without embargo;
  2. Our books are freely accessible without the requirement for registration of any kind;
  3. We care about the quality of the work we publish, and develop protocols for reviewing our publications that support community, care and the highest standards of scholarly content;
  4. We are committed to supporting the knowledge commons;
  5. In our online and offline presence, we strive to provide clear information about our mission, ethos, people involved, ownership and governance models, production and review process, funding models, and any author-facing charges;
  6. We share our practices, experiences, and models with each other in the spirit of mutual support.

If you want to join us, drop us a note at with the name and website of your publishing house and a person we can contact. The ScholarLed board assesses applications on a running basis, but please be patient with us. Our recommended membership contribution is currently 50€ per year. This covers the basic running costs of our fledgling organisation, which is registered as a not-for-profit foundation in the Netherlands. If you want to know more about how we govern ourselves, have a look at our bylaws.